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I would guess that most lanai building projects include the building of a swimming pool as the central feature of the lanai. They may also include a Jacuzzi or hot tub (also called a spa).

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In the case of my lanai, my small Jacuzzi hot tub spa is attached to the pool. There is a fountain in the middle of the spa and the water from the spa spills over into the pool like a little waterfall.

My pool is a Hayward ... at least the heaters, pumps and filters are. We used a weekly pool cleaning/maintenance service for a while, but then I decided that I could probably do whatever it was that they were doing. A pool store near me called, Pinch-A-Penny, analyzes my water for me for free. So I just clean the pool once a week or so and make sure there's the right amount of chlorine.

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